Video | LCFS: Room in Your Heart

This video we created for LCFS (Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois) aired on “The Sanctuary” (on ABC7) every Sunday in June, 2018. This program is produced by the Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries. Please see the link to their YouTube channel for additional information.

This video, named “Be the Change—Room in Your Heart,” explores three lives that LCFS has played a role in improving through their important work. In this video, you will learn their stories of trauma and triumph, and the ways Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois has had an impact on their lives.

See how Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois (LCFS) has room in its heart for those they serve. LCFS improves the well-being of people throughout Illinois by protecting children, strengthening families and building futures for those who have experienced trauma.


Thank you to Tim Frakes and LCFS for their meaningful partnership in these projects.


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